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Who We Are…

The ScenarBalance Team
At ScenarBalance, we offer treatments  for those who are suffering from a vast range of physical dysfunctions, pain and injuries, and aim to relieve any pain and improve your quality of life. We take into account each persons needs, age, limitations, and discomfort to modify an individual treatment plan.
We welcome all patients, so no referral is required, and we can create a treatment plan to suit your schedule.  

The SCENAR Device
The SCENAR device works through the skin by using computer-modulated electrical impulses to stimulate the brain (electroneuro-stimulator). After an injury,  the communication system between the brain and the affected body part can ‘break down’ or ‘get used to’ the signal from that body part. The brain begins to accept the abnormal signal as “Normal”. This is the reason why many conditions become chronic and unresponsive to other treatment. However, SCENAR breaks the body out of this habit and restores correct communication resulting in effective and more complete healing. 

The brain responds with its own signal which is picked up by the SCENAR device. The SCENAR assists the body to heal itself,  by reactivating the body’s own healing mechanisms.  ​The SCENAR device then interprets the brain’s response and modifies its next impulse back to the brain to work at restoring balance to the body (active reflex biofeedback).

The brain, in turn, sends a modified response (and so on) until equilibrium is achieved (homeostasis). During this ‘conversation’, of constantly varying electrical frequencies and waveforms, the brain also instructs the nervous system to generate Neuropeptides (the key biochemicals needed by your body to heal itself). This is what the body was designed to do.

​ScenarBalance is committed to helping you improve your inner balance and restore your body’s ability to heal itself. As the SCENAR impulse is similar to endogenous nerve impulses, it is non-damaging and safe.


  • Those with cardiac pacemakers
  • Individual intolerance
  • Those with serious mental diseases
  • Those who are pregnant
  • Those prone to seizures

Clinic Hours 
Monday to Friday : 7.00 am – 7.00 pm 
Saturday: 7.00 am – 6.00 pm 
Sunday by appointment only.